95 in March

I was going to title this post 95 reasons why March rocked. But then I thought wholly moly that’s a lot of reasons, and I don’t think my readers will get through 95 thoughts on why my March was great.  I don’t even know if I could even come up with 95 reasons why it rocked. So lets go with 9.5 reasons.

Yeah March was a great month of running, and here are 9 1/2 reason why it rocked my socks.

  1. I ran 95.24km (300m more than Feb)
  2. I ran in the Grampians twice (not enough, but still enjoyed it the same)
  3. I had a team for tough mudder
  4. I ran with my mum
  5. I no longer hate speedwork
  6. I read You! (Only faster)
  7. I read Born to run
  8. The 21km trail event for Run The Gap is live
  9. Got great advice about my running form

9.5 I decided on what trail shoes and hydration vest I wanted to invest in.

He is the break down for you.

RunMum Garmin March 2014Yeah I only wore the Heart Rate Monitor once, I don’t really care for it, but I should wear it when I do speed work.

Here is the “Run” down:

Jan – 71.12
Feb – 94.94
Mar – 95.24

Total – 261.30
To go – 738.7

Goals for April

  • Run 100km
  • Run 4 long runs over 10km
  • Run at least 3 trail runs in the Grampians.

How did your March go?
Any goals for April?
Any races coming up?