Music – The Run Mum Mix

There are runners that love listening to music on each and every run.  Then there are runners who much prefer the silence.  And then there are those who can live with it but sometimes go without it. Me? I’m the later.  I enjoy runs with music, and sometimes without.  I will admit that I have […]

Music to motivate

I haven’t shared a playlist in a long time, so I thought it was about time I shared what I’m currently listening too on training runs. Now I don’t know about you, but I find that music is really motivating, sometimes it could be just the beat or the tempo that gets you going, sometimes […]

Music to Spring to

It’s Spring baby, there is nothing like warmer weather to give you a “spring” to your step.  Yes pun intended. So this is my new playlist to get me pumped motivated and push me further. Music to Spring To Scheiße – Lady Gaga Don’t stop the music – Rihanna I gotta feeling – Black Eyed […]