Whole 30 Round #2

After I finished Whole 30 I had already decided that I was going to do it again. I had decided that February would be a good month to do it, as the “sily season” would be over. I then thought about it some more, and realised that February would mark 6 months since I the […]

Whole30 Success

Today is the 31st, and that means my Whole30 experience is officially over. Where on earth did those 30 days go? I swear the 1st half of Whole30 seemed to drag, the 2nd half seemed to have flown by. Let me tell you about my Whole30 experience because I know you are dying to know […]

Whole 30: Oh dear

Oh Dear, isn’t this cute? I found this via Pinterest. I thought it was fitting for the title of this post. I might warn you know that this post could be all over the place, cause well that’s what I feel like right now.  All over the place. This last week of Whole30 has been challenging, […]