I wear glasses.  I have done so since my 2nd year of Uni. Glasses help me to see things clearly. Without them, the world is soft and slightly blurry. I’m lucky in the sense that I can still run without my glasses.  Which is why you don’t see race photo’s of me wearing glasses. Just […]


We all should know the story of Cinderella. Cinderella is a story of a kind, loving country girl, who receives no love or acceptance from her step family. She lives to serve them, and she feels like she doesn’t exist. Her only friends are her farm animals. Then one day the entire kingdom is invited […]

Taking a Stack

As the weather was going to be a hot one on the weekend. I rescheduled my long run to a cooler day during the week, then organised a tempo run with a friend for Saturday morning instead. I’ve been lacking motivation to go fast lately.  I know I’m fully capable of going fast.  Yet when […]