Would You Rather #3

It’s been a while, so I thought I would do another Would You Rather posts. They are fun, and we all like a little bit of fun every now and then. So here are the Questions. Never watch TV again or never run again? I would hate to never run again.  And I don’t watch […]

A-Z Survey

I log into Bloglovin everyday to catch up on the blogs I follow.  Some blogs post every day, others every couple of days, so there is always something to read.  I also try to make comments where ever possible. That is how I came across the A-Z survey thanks to Kloe over at Running Shoes & […]

I know I’m a Runner

So I was cruising Twitter, and came across this tweet from Runners World   SOCIAL STUDIES: You know you’re a runner when… ow.ly/l6N3V — Runner’s World (@runnersworld) May 17, 2013 Remember to click on the Ow.ly link too. Just in case you didn’t go here. Oh how I had to agree with the statements. So here are […]