Finding Time

There is no denying that since going back into the work force trying to find a work life balance has been a struggle. I’ve been a parent for the last 8 years, and had loads of free time to do what I wanted when I wanted, and still manage family life and my photography business. […]

I Love

I thought I would start a new series. An I love series. Now there are many things that I love. Including these two. There are days when they drive me crazy. And I think to myself why?! Seriously why. Take for example drawing on their bedroom walls. Yeah I wasn’t impressed that they did this, […]

The light goes out

Tomorrow (2nd July), I get to attend my 1st ever funeral.  Not exactly a fantastic 1st, especially considering it is also my sisters birthday.  However it does make you appreciated life and how short it really is.  Yes it’s not fair that love ones should die, it’s not fair that love ones should be in pain.  It’s […]