Whole30 Success

Today is the 31st, and that means my Whole30 experience is officially over. Where on earth did those 30 days go? I swear the 1st half of Whole30 seemed to drag, the 2nd half seemed to have flown by. Let me tell you about my Whole30 experience because I know you are dying to know […]

Pilates Recap

My week of Pilates didn’t go to plan like the way I had intended. I slacked off.¬† My¬†everyday¬†intention didn’t happen.¬† Instead, I got 3 workouts in. I have only myself to blame. ¬†My first Pilates workout in like forever (blogilates not included here), and I choose Mari Winsor Advanced Workout. ADVANCED!!! What the hell was […]

Pilates Challenge

Edit: I have changed this post to a Tuesday from Monday, as I wanted to do a race recap of Run Melbourne So please enjoy a Motivational Tuesday instead.¬† Week 4 of Motivational Monday – July Challenge Just like with yoga I have been of Pilates for a few years. Pilates is similar to yoga […]

NTC Recap

The NTC challenge that I set for myself has come to an end. A week just doesn’t seem¬†long enough, so I understand why people set themselves monthly¬†challenges. ¬†Therefor my next challenge I will set for at least a month. ¬†I know that there will be another challenge, but I haven’t quite decided what that challenge […]