Project 52: Week 37

Every Saturday from March to September we participate with the local running club. They have a seniors event, and a sub juniors event (for kids under 13). The kid’s event is only a 1km race, so it doesn’t last long. After the kids run they adults do their event. Now, normally the kids all play together. […]

Project 52: Week 30

Parkrun is a free weekly event held over various places every Saturday throughout Australia and the world. While there is a parkrun located in Ararat, I’ve still yet to visit it. I do have the option of visiting various parkruns in Melbourne when I go to visit my family. Normally I go visit Point Cook, but on […]

Project 52 – Week 29

With our busy work lives, I don’t get to see my sister very often. Usually, when I do see her we are both visiting our parents. She recently came up to visit us for a few days for her birthday, over the school holidays. The kids thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her, as did I. Week […]