Drawings from Kinda

Mummy collected my drawings from kinda and she said that she would share them, cause she just loves them, and so do I. This is one that I did yesterday. It features Ovler (Oliver). I tried to draw my name up the top in this one. this one is two sided yellow on the front, […]


I haven’t taken photo’s in a while. But I have been drawing. I like to draw. Here are two drawings that I did today. My family. Mum put the names on there for me using her puter. And this is my cat Ovler (Oliver) oh and part of my hand

5th Feb 2010

My mum had her tent up in the kitchen as she was taking some photo’s. I wanted to take some photo’s too. So I took a photo of what she was taking a photo of. then I took a photo of my mummy and i had to take a photo of me too


My mum (who rocks) made my banner for me. Do you like it? I do, cause I took all those photo’s. Including the self portrait. You can check out my mum’s stuff here

19th January 2010

Mummy is always has her camera with her whenever we go out. She asks me if I want to take my camera. Sometimes I say yes, and sometimes I say no. Today we were going for a walk as the weather was nice. Mummy and Mile When we got into the pram I took some […]

18th Jan 2010

Mummy gave me my camera to play with. Miles was busy taking a drink. He was thirsty. and once he was finished drinking i got a picture of him and his grubby face. Then we all got into the car and drove to the shops. We got out and then walked around town. this was […]

19th October 2009

Mum was taking me to the playground. I like going to the playground. I sat in the pram with Miles while mummy took as there. getting read to go my pink crocs footpath outside our house mile going through the gate mum said I took a lot of shots of the same thing, which is […]

View from my seat

Mummy, Daddy (who is driving), E, Mile and me, went for a drive. Mummy said we were going to Horsham to go shopping. I like shopping. This is e, i love e, she is my best friend And this is mummy, she was checking out what I was doing. and this is me 😀 And […]