So what happens when you go through the photo’s of the kids, you find some gems, and this is one of them. Taken on my birthday last year!   Kayla definitely took this image, as this is her side of the car, and she captured my sister and my dad perfect.

It’s been a while

It’s not that I have forgotten about this blog, I haven’t. It’s just that the kids haven’t really been taking a lot of photo’s. And the photos’ they have been taken have been crappy, like I mean just blurry rubbish. Nothing interesting. But I did find some Gems, and I do promise to post more […]

Cat with a string

26Apr2011_8354, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr. I was finishing knitting Kayla’s blanket, and the kids were playing with the ball of string. I just love the way Kayla has captured Oliver playing. I just hope he is not plicky plicky on my couch.

Cat Clean

I haven’t updated any images in a long time. So here is something recent (I’ve just taken all the images off the kids camera). Kayla took this one, I love how Oliver is in action. She saw me taking photos of him, and had to take photo’s as well.


Miles, Kayla with a camera or My Kids With A Camera Works either way. This blog use to be over at blogspot, but it was under just my daughters name, and I neglected it because I kept forgetting to log in, so I thought I would keep it all together. So I’ve transferred it over […]