Run Every Day in September

There is no denying that I get a lot of enjoyment from running.  I love starting a new running program, or and setting myself new challenges.  Which is why for the month of September, I’ve decided to run every day.

I’ve been toying with the idea of running every day for a while now.  If anything it was James from KineticRev’s podcast that planted the seed.

Having done this challenge before back in June 2015, I knew that I wanted to do it again, I just didn’t think it would take me another 3 years to get there.

Enlisting a group of online running friends to keep me motivated and accountable, we will run every in September.

The Rules

Yes like anything I have set some rules.

  1. Run Everyday
  2. Minimum distance 3km or 30 minutes
  3. 10 minutes of mobility exercises after every workout
  4. Keep to my training program
  5. ‘Rest’ day runs are easy recovery runs, and pace MUST be EASY
  6. Have fun

Now I’m also going away on holidays in September.  Now while some of you may be thinking “why on earth would you pick a challenge like this while you are on holidays, that’s just stupid”.

These are my reasons:

  • I won’t be at work
  • I won’t be stressed
  • I won’t be standing up all day
  • I will be relaxed
  • There will be days, where I won’t be doing much
  • It keeps me active

Based on my training plan alone, I should cover 150km for the month.  Adding in the ‘rest’ recovery days I should clock another 40km.

We might as well round that up to 200km for the month.  I’m hoping it will be more (let’s be honest here, 250k would be awesome, cause then I would break my March kilometre record), but we shall have to wait and see.

I’m excited about this challenge, but I also know that the first 2 weeks are going to be the hardest, with balancing work, family, and of course running.

All the extra washing, yeah that’s one thing I’m not looking forward too.

Have you RED Every day?