Recovery Run Summer Juice

With summer fast approaching, and the weather heating up I’m finding I’m not wanting my normal post-run smoothie, which is milk based.

Having some leftover mango nectar while testing out an energy gel, I decided to also experiment with a juice based smoothie.

Then I thought about Boost Juice and was inspired by a tropical creation of pineapple and coconut.

Into the fridge, I go only to discover that the pineapple was sad.  The strawberries even sadder.

My only alternative was the frozen fruit I keep in the freezer.

That’s when I saw the frozen cherries and saw that there was hope.

The result was exactly what I needed & wanted.  Fresh and satisfying.

Recovery Run Summer Juice
Recipe type: Juice
Serves: 1
A simple smoothie to quench your thirst after your long run on hot summer days
  • 300ml Mango Nector
  • ½ Banana
  • 5 Frozen Cherries
  • ½ cup of ice
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Pour into glass/cup
  4. Drink up!

When the kids discovered I had made this, they, of course, wanted one too. Needless to say, they thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of it.

Quite refreshing after a long run on a hot and humid day.

Next time I shall experiment with kiwi fruit and coconut water, maybe even tailwind!

What’s your favourite juice creation?