Project 52 – Week 17

It was a glorious spring day, and we didn’t want to waste it.

So after run club was finished, we had a quick bite to eat, changed into hiking gear and set off to Hollow Mountain.

Our intention was to be first to find on a geocache that had just been published, called Leap of Faith, which is a premium cache only.

Along the way, we accidently deleted the tracklog from the GPS.  I was till able to use the geocaching app on my phone, providing I wasn’t obstructed by the range.

Before getting to Leap of Faith we decided to look for another cache called The Wind Tunnel.

Week 17 – The Wind Cave

The cache is not in this wind cave, it should be though because it is a seriously awesome spot. We are going to have to come back with the kids for an explore because they would have so much fun.

As for leap of faith, well we ended up abandoning it.  When we got to the top, we realised it was going to be too much of a risk.

We may attempt this cache but from the Mt Staplyton side.