Return to Running After Injury – My 12 week program

My return to running has been a slow process.

It all began in October (2016) when I got sick, and a coughing fit saw me bulge a disc in my lower back.

Getting sick was what caused me to downgrade my Afterglow entry from the half marathon to the 12km.

Then Christmas week, I had an injury relapse.  This time the pain manifesting in my right hip.

I couldn’t stand, sit, lie down, or anything without being in some sort of pain.

Back to the physio for more treatments, and to get myself fixed.

Return from InjuryDid I return to running too quickly? Who knows?

I’ve been an active person for so long, not being able to do any type of exercise was driving me crazy.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot about myself from being injured.

When the new year hit, I decided that I would return to running slowly, so I could really listen to my body and focus on form.

Essential I’m doing an adaptation of a Couch to 5km training plan.

Return to Running after injury

Return to Running After Injury Plan

It has been really slow, but I’ve just finished stage 3 of my return to running program and will continue onto to the final stage, which is continuous running.

So far everything has been going well. A slight hiccup with a coccyx injury flare up, but that was fixed with a long overdue visit to the Chiropractor.

Things are going so well, that I’ve entered 2 events.  Peaks & Trails 26km in August, and the Surf Coast Trail (half) Marathon in June.

Onwards & upwards.

Have you ever been injured?
How did you return back to running?
Did you stay injury free?
What did you learn from being injured?