Project 52 – Week 6

I’ll be honest with you here, if it weren’t for Tom going outside to take a photo of the sunset, there would be no image for me to show you this week.

This week life just got in the way.

Work, early mornings, tired, running, school, lazy, unmotivated.  Yep all these things, happened this week.

I’m sure this week isn’t going to be the only week, where my choice of photograph has been done last minute.

Now there is nothing wrong with a sunset, or a sunrise for that matter.

No two sunsets are ever the same, and I think it’s important to photograph dazzling ones like this one.

The beauty of a project like this is that there are no limits.

My photo’s could be of anything.  I don’t have a set theme, but I’m sure a theme will unfold over time.

So I shall photograph whatever takes my fancy.  This week is of a glorious sunset.

I must admit we have had some pretty special sunrises lately.  Getting up early so I can get my run in before going to work means I’ve got to witness some amazing sunrise.

This sunset however. Just spectacular.

Week 6 – Sunset

Yes this was our sunset.  It doesn’t look real, but I assure you it was this intense.

What will week 7 bring us? Come back next week to find out.