One Word: 2017 [Family]

With the power of retrospect we can clearly see how our year unfolded with just one word.

But what if you could set up your year with a word of intention.

If you had to pick one word to define what you year would be, what word would you chose?

Sometimes a word comes easy to you, other times you really have to sit and have a good think about what that one word would be.

Whatever word you choose it must have a positive effect on your life and your mindset.

It needs to be a word that will keep you grounded and focused.

One Word

  • 2012 – Change
  • 2013 – Well-being
  • 2014 – Action
  • 2015 – Commit
  • 2016 – Mindful
  • 2017 – Family


This year my one word is; Family.

I’ve chosen this word because since working starting full time work, I have realised the importance of spending quality time with my family.

The other reason I have chosen this word, is after recently making my 2016 photo book, I realised one family member was not featured (at all).  I want to change that.

2017 will be the year that I will experience quality memories with my family.

What one word would choose to define your 2017 year?