Ultimate Running Date #31

Running? What’s that?

If we were out running I would tell you; that I seriously feel like a fraud.  I’m RunMum and I can’t run, yet.

That yet is very important.  I can’t run right now, but that doesn’t mean I wont be able to run later.

I’m still waiting for the all clear from the physio, which I will get hopefully by the end of the week.

So this months Ultimate Running Date, might be more of a walk/stroll.  I do hope that’s ok with you, considering that’s all I can do at the moment.

If we were out running, I would tell you; that in December I only covered 78km, but that was a combination of walking, running and riding.

My last run for 2016 was an easy 6.5km run on the 16th December. I haven’t run since.

If you’ve been following me on instagram you would be aware that I got injured again.

I have done some walks to keep the legs moving, but no running.

So with December over and done with let’s see how running was for me in 2016.

2016 Stats

Total km:
1454.3 km
Monthly Average: 121.19km
Best Month: July 218km
Worst Month: November 73km
Longest Run: 26km Peaks & Trails

Overall I say a successful year of running. Not quite the total I was expecting, but I’m happy with it regardless.


If we were out running I could tell you about all the what if’s.

What if I didn’t get injured? What would my yearly total be? Would I have gotten a course pb at Afterglow? How would I have run at Gold Rush?

I will never know the answers to these questions, and I’m ok with that.

Getting injured was really a wake up call.  I obviously wasn’t taking proper care of my body, and it gave out.

Yes I could be upset about it, or I can live and learn by it.

My goals for 2017 changed, dramatically after awaking up and discovering my injury wasn’t healed.

My goals for 2017 wont be about personal bests, they will be about recovery from injury, staying injury free and a whole lot of other stuff, which I will explain in another blog post.

If we were out running what would you tell me?