Another Break – due to injury

So I’m required to have another break from running.

Not from being sick, but from a bulged disc, thanks to a coughing fit.  Which all comes down to the cold I had a few weeks ago, where I was forced to take a break.

It all began on Wednesday. I was standing at the sink, coughing out the lurgy that was stuck in my throat and that I obviously wanted to get out.

Then I heard a pop, and then there was a short sharp pain.

Being me I soldiered on. I’m a working mum, it’s what we do.

That night I slept terribly, couldn’t sleep on my right side, and was just uncomfortable.

Woke up the next day with pain coming from my right glute. 

Pretty much, smack bam where that arrow is.

Managed to get through my work day, tolerating the pain.

Once I got home, I got on the foam roller and tried to roll it out.

Had a better night’s sleep, but only because I kept to sleeping on my left side.

When I woke up this morning however the pain was much worse.

I also had pins and needles.

Pins and needles‘ is a sensation of uncomfortable tingling or prickling, usually felt in the hands or feet. A common cause is leaning awkwardly on a limb, which presses against the nerves. Persistent pins and needles may be symptomatic of more serious conditions, such as nerve disease or nerve inflammation.

My right foot was numb, I knew that this wasn’t good.

The last time I had pain in my sciatic nerve like this was back when I was pregnant with Kayla, which was 10 years ago!

I was also leaning to my left side, and sitting down, it was just painful, and I would begin to lean to the left.

Rather than do nothing and hope for the best, I booked myself into the physio.

The Verdict

So TJ doesn’t want me to run for at least a week.

Her main concern was the impact to the nerve.

While not running isn’t ideal, I don’t have another choice, unless I want to cause further damage, or get another injury.

So this put’s my Afterglow training on hold, again.

The Outcome

After some dry needling and muscular manipulation, I noticed some relief.

The pins and needles are still there, but not as bad, but the pain is pretty much gone.

I have some stretches to do every day, and I will be back to see her tomorrow.

Oh and I have to drink lots of water.

Have you ever experienced a bulged disc?
How long were your our injured for?
How long was your recovery?
Any tips?