High Five Friday #42

Friday’s are now the start of my weekend. Yay.

So lets give a high five not only to it being Friday, but for some glorious spring weather.

Five Video’s

I normally post photo’s of what’s happening in my life, but the program I normally use to sync photo’s from my phone to my PC is being a pain, so I thought I would mix it up with some video’s instead.

.1. India.Arie – Video

.2. If Meat Eaters acted like Vegans

.3. Strive – Be a Role Model


.5. 30 Hours

Five Links

.1. Mindfulness, it can be easy with just these 2 steps.

.2. If you want to improve your running, then check your form.  These 6 exercises will help to improve your runners form.

.3. Life lessons from a 90 year woman. Enough said.

.4. Runners Workout: Renegade Rows. One simple exercise that will get you stronger. Grab those dumbells and give it a go (and yes I have do this routine often).

.5. Mug Cakes, they are all the rage.  I’m still yet to try one.