Runners: Sculpt those Arms with these excercises

Now that training plan is over, I’ve transitioned back to an all round fitness program.

There were elements of my GoRun training plan that I really loved and enjoyed and will continue to them.

One thing I have noticed however is the loss of strength in my arms.

I did an upper arm workout the other day, and well I felt it. But it made me realise that as a runner we tend to forget about training our arms.

Our arms are just important as our legs. It’s our arms that make us run faster.  Pump your arms faster, and your legs will follow.

So what are some workouts you can do for your arms, to not only sculpt them, but to make you stronger?

Check out this info-graph to sculpt those arms!Sculpt-Your-Arms-Infographic

What exercises do you use to sculpt/tone your arms?