Ultimate Running Date #27

I am a lone runner.

There are moments however when I really crave company.  Sometimes there is only so much listening to music or an audio book that you can do.

They don’t talk back to you.

Running with a friend makes the run so much more fun.

Which is why I decided to change our coffee date to a running date.

There is nothing like catching up with friends and going for a group run.  Then there is the coffee afterwards as a reward.

So welcome all to the new edition of the Ultimate Coffee Date.  Now know as:

The Ultimate Running Date

If we were out running I would tell you; peaks-trails-146that I absolutely loved my Peaks & Trails trail run.  You can read the race recap here.

One thing for sure, I definitely enjoy the the trail runs over the road runs.

That being said, I would still love to smash out a new road half marathon PB.

If we were out running I would tell you; that I covered 110km for August.

Down from July, but July was a big prep month for Peaks & Trails.

August has been the recovery month for sure.  Besides Peaks & Trails, my longest run was 10ish km on a seriously wet and miserable morning.

That brings my yearly tally to 1084 running km. With an average of 135k a month.  Will I reach 1600km for the year?

Only time will tell.

If we were out running I would tell you; that I was shocked when I won the SAAC Horsham Physio & Podiatry 5km race. 2016 Runmum 5kmI didn’t go in to win it.  I was actually feeling quite tired, and it was COLD! The sun was out, but it was icy.

My legs felt heavy, and I didn’t feel like I was going all that fast.

Peaks & Trails obviously took more out of me than I realised.

Apparently I was going faster than I thought, because I finished the 5km event in a time of 22:20.

Maybe I will crack a sub 22m 5k soon?

The SAAC race report can be found here.

If we were out running I would tell you; that I have signed up for Afterglow.

I loved this event last year, and I knew I had to do it again.

Training for this event will start after I come back from holidays.  Might aim for a sub 2h on this one.  If I want it I have to get serious with training.

If we were out running, what would you tell me?