High Five Friday #37

Can we have a yay! Cause it’s Friday!

It’s been a jammed packed week, filled with loads of sporting activities.

So lets get started with this weeks High Five Post.

Five Pictures

.1. This photo is from the Advanced Bricks & Pavers handicap.

A few years ago I would have looked at this photo and been like “ew gross, put that way.”  I have cellulite on my legs, my belly is hanging out and I have chunky legs.

While all that is true, I’ve come to appreciate my body.  This is who I am, wobbly bits and all.

In this race I came 3rd overall, in a time of 31:30 for a 6.5km race.

.2. I took this photo while out geocaching on the 37th Parallel.  I have no idea what the scissors on the tree mean.

.3. Illegal dumping is becoming a huge problem where we live.  We have NO hard rubbish collection here in Stawell, and the fee’s to take your stuff to the transfer station are outrageous.

North Grampians Shire, not good enough!

.4 & 5.  The kids had their sports day yesterday.

Kayla is the athlete in this family and she did exceptional. With 1st ribbons in the 400m run, High Jump, 2nd ribbons, for 100m & the relay, and a 3rd for the 200m.

Miles, he did his very best.  He came 2nd in the relay.

Super proud of them both.

Five Links

Today is Earth Day, so in celebration of our Earth, I thought I would share some Earth related links.

.1. The Two Hands Project is a collaborative approach to dealing with plastic pollution: take  30 Minutes and Two Hands to clean up your world anytime, anywhere.

We first discovered this group while in Sydney on holidays in 2014.

.2. One thing I love about the Geocaching community is that regularly have CITO events (cache in trash out).

.3. I’m noticing a lot more eggs that are fed a vegetarian diet?! Chickens are not vegetarians.

Which is why we should be supporting companies like Kiss & Run Eggs, that produce nutritious Open Range eggs as part of regenerative farm management system.

.4. The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful place to visit.  But we are slowly killing it, because of coral bleaching.

.5. I don’t drink coke (I don’t like it), or soft drinks for that matter.

However Coke are trying to stop a fantastic recycling scheme here in Australia.

While this advertisement was 1st released in 2013, the issue is still ongoing and has not been resolved.

Only 2 states/territories in Australia have refund for returning recyclables.  The other 6 states/territories don’t.

This needs to change.


What do you give a High Five to this Friday?