Speedwork Sessions #14

Monday nights are normally my group speedwork runs.

However I have missed a lot of these sessions lately for a lot of reasons, work being one of them.

So while I’m missing out on a group workout, I’m still making the effort to head out to the track to get my interval training done.

This workout is approx 8km in total distance, and will take approx 50mins (your speed will determined total time).

Your Recovery pace, should be 1:30min slower than your 5km pace.
While your Easy pace, should be 30-45sec slower than your 5km pace.


The workout itself will have you covering about 5km.

After you have completed your last 200m easy pace run, turn around walk 200m, so you get back to your start/finish location.

Then proceed to do your 3 lap recovery.

Here is my workout on Strava, you can tell by the last few laps, I was tiring.