2015 Goal Reflection

With 2015 well and truly over it’s time for Goal Reflection.

So did I achieve everything I wanted to achieve in 2015?

I Will: Goals 2015

Let’s look back. Let’s reflect.


 Read 50 books
Re read Jessica
Re read April fools day
 A book that became a movie
 A book with a one-word title
A book more than 100 years old
 A memoir
 A trilogy
 A book with a colour in the title
 A book you own but have never read
 A book set during Christmas
 A book you started by never finished

Feel free to go to my Goodreads page to see my complete list.

I’m pretty happy with how my book goal went.

I read an array of books.  If it weren’t for audiobooks I’m not too sure I would have reached my goal.

Fitness Health

✘ Run a sub 1h45 half marathon
 Run a sub 46m 10km
 Run a sub 2h30 trail half marathon
 Run a 25km event
 &  Complete a Spartan race with no more than 90 burpees
 Earn my Yellow tough mudder headband

Running fast just didn’t happen in 2015.  I ended up focusing more on trails.  So my fast goals are on track for this year.


✓ Develop a free pdf of goodies for my RunMum readers
✓ Build up my readership
 Create video’s for runmum YouTube channel

I’m giving a ✓ to a free pdf, because I did create one. You can find it here.

I did have intentions to create more.  Alas it never happened.  Priorities changed in my life.



 Finalise house plans
 Increase home loan
 Start building extensions
 Build a chook / duck pen

Argh, nothing achieved on this list.

We are still in design stage, but we are very very close.  Fingers crossed it happens this year.


✓ Develop my illustrator skills
✓ Explore design work in illustrator

I’m really happy with how I have developed my illustrator skills.

Also helps that Tom (husband/partner) is a wiz at it.  I help him with his photo stuff, and he helps me with my design stuff.

The Verdict

Overall I’m quite happy with how things turned out, other than house stuff.

It’s all a learning curve, and it’s what we learn on our journey that makes I realise what is important to us and what isn’t.

As I said before sometimes priorities change, and you gotta do what is best for you.