Mindset Monday: Recovery to Perform

We all look forward to holidays.

I mean who doesn’t like or enjoy a holidays. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, so holidays must be important for us right?

Holidays are important to me, because they allow me to reconnect with myself and my family.

They allow me to forget about my stresses and just enjoy life.

Holidays allow me to recover.

Which is why recovery is so important.


Our bodies can do amazing things.  We are capable of doing more than we realise, but we can also push them too far.

Recovery allows our bodies to recharge.  It’s a holiday for our muscles.

Going harder and faster 100% of the time can only lead to injury.

So while it’s important to push ourselves, it’s also important to allow recovery time.

When your training plan says “recovery” day take it.  Don’t be a smart ass and go workout, you’ll just burn yourself out. God knows I have.

Rest is just important.  So don’t forget it, it’s part of the program.