Product Review: UltrAspire Quantum Belt

I recently purchased a Ultraspire Quantum belt to replace the SpiBelt I gave away to a running mum who needed something to hold her puffer in when she went for a run.

Don’t get me wrong the SpiBelt served me well, but with winter ending and the days getting warmer, I wanted something that would hold a small water bottle.

While I love my hydration pack for long runs, I didn’t need it for shorter/middle distance runs.

I needed a belt that could hold a small water bottle, my ipod and a small amount of fuel. Added bonus if it had bib holders.

I honestly thought I was never going to find something.  It was then I stumbled across UltrAspire, and their products on BarefootInc (which I have purchased previously from).

When I discovered that the Quantum belt covered all of my needs, I of course had to purchased it. And yes it has the capacity to hold a bib!

A few days later I had this bad boy in my hands.  So light, soft and totally awesome!


The front pocket easily holds my phone and a few gels.  And before you ask, yes it will fit an iPhone 6.

The zip is also super easy to grap and pull open and close.

The bib clips are hidden but easily accessible when required.

23Aug2015_1093While my water bottle is only 220ml, it fits perfectly in the back pocket.  This pocket can also be used to hold gels/food.

There is also as small pouch on the other side with a magnetic clip.

With a unique waist attachment system, it’s adjustable fit means it wont bounce.

Can I say I’m totally in love with the belt.  It’s perfect for my needs.  It does not move (unless I move it), nor does it bounce.

It ticks all the boxes of what I was wanting out of a belt.