Ways to Run with no Technology, Gadgets & Gizmo’s

Runners of today have become OBSESSED with Technology, Gadgets & Gizmo’s.

We have to know everything about our run.

  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Calories
  • Cadence

And so forth.

I mean does this look familiar.

I wont lie, I have been guilty of this.

However I’ve learned now not to obsess about all my stats.

So how do you run without the aid of Technology, Gadgets & Gizmo’s?

The iPod

ipod nano

I’ve talked previous about the pros and cons of running with music.

Now while music is motivational it has it’s time and place.

Try these methods to wean you off the music.

  • Leave it at home
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Running Buddy (and have a real conversation)

polar m400The Watch

Always looking at your watch?

Try these methods to help you look at your watch less.

  • Turn off the km/mi beep notifications
  • Wear your watch upside down
  • Cover your face with paper/tape
  • Leave it at home

So why should you run without technology, gadgets & gizmo’s?

  • You’ll appreciate your surroundings more, and become a safer runner.
  • You learn to listen to your body when it comes to breathing, cadence and heartbeat.
  • You learn to enjoy your run, not race your run.

So make an effort to run with no technology, gadgets & gizmo’s at least once a month, and see how it changes your mentality.

Have other tips to run with no technology? Post them in the comments below.