Speedwork Sessions #7

I remember when I first started running, I had one pace and that was plodding.

Eventually I discovered the more I ran, and the further I ran the faster I got.

There is no denying that I hated doing speedwork sessions.

I knew that to get faster I had to run faster, but the thought of doing running intervals, yeah no thanks.

How times have changed. Now I try to go to at least 3 group speedwork sessions in a month.  If I can’t go, then I do hill training instead.

I really enjoy the group sessions.  Everyone is running their own race, but being with others does help you to get motivated and be motivating.

In today’s speedwork session it’s all about the shorter distances.  This session will take about 35 minutes to complete and you’ll cover approx 6km.



Do you do any interval training?
If so what type do you do?