The Ultimate Coffee Date #10

Hi Everyone!

My apologies that I’m late with my Coffee Date. It’s been a crazy start to May, and so my usual coffee date for Saturday has been delayed til today.

So grab a chair and a drink.  I’m having a chai tea as it’s cold and wintery here today.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that the kids had their School Sports on the 23rd of April. I was unable to attend this year due to work (sad face).

The kids had a ball though. Miles got a ribbon in the relay. Kayla got ribbons for all her running events. We have a runner amongst the family.
502 School Sports
If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that April saw me running a total of 13 days covering a distance of 108km.

The lowest monthly mileage for the year. However it does bring my yearly total to 508km, which is still a 127km average.  I’ll take that.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you I ran Wings for Life on Sunday. Ok so it’s not exactly April news, but it is news. What a fantastic event.  Race recap coming soon!

There is no denying working full time over Easter really hindered the running. That’s why I’ve made some changes to my running plans for May.  I’ve also made some other goal changes as well.

Spartan AustraliaWhich brings me to the other thing I want to tell you.  I have signed up to 2 more Spartan Events!

I will be doing the Spartan Sprint (7km) in September and then the Stadium (5km) in December.

I had the choice of doing the Beast (21km) in September, and I was umming and arring about it for ages. It wasn’t until I was having a conversation with a friend that it hit me.  It’s not that I don’t want to do it.  But it’s finding a balance with work, fitness and family.  That’s why I was resisting for so long.

Training for 21km I can do.  But then I also have to factor in the weight training sessions. That takes up time and commitment.  It’s the time and commitment I just don’t want to give away at the moment.  I want to be able to spend time with my family. They take a priority.

While doing the sprint while will be less challenging physically demanding, I’m still going to give it everything I have, and I’m going to have a ball, whether I have a team or not.

The added bonus is that I will earn my Spartan Trifecta.

Do you remember on our last Coffee Date me stating that I wanted to go to the movies?

Well I can tell you that I did! I finally saw Cinderella with my sister and daughter on the weekend. It was very cute, and it was beautiful to watch Kayla dance in her chair. Cinderella’s ballgown, like WOW!

If we were sitting down for Coffee What would you tell me?