Near Miss

Today I want to talk about something that happened to me on a recent run.

I nearly got hit by a car. It was one very near miss.

I live in a small country town but that doesn’t mean I’m not safe from idiots.

I take precautions when I run.  Like the following:

  • Wear high visibility clothing on early morning or evening runs.
  • Run against traffic (when I have to run on the road)
  • I tell someone where I’m going and how long I will be.
  • On trail runs I carry my phone with me.

It wasn’t an unusual day weather wise.  It was cold Autumn morning.  I ran at 9am, it was sunny. I ran on the footpath.  I was wearing headphones.

Now I know some people would say if you weren’t wearing the headphones this wouldn’t have happened.  The thing is, you need to take in other factors.

Near Miss
This is the footpath I was on, and the arrow tells you the direction I was going.

Due to a high fence, the person reversing out of their driveway didn’t see me.  I was in their blind spot.  I didn’t see or hear them until they were right in front of me.  They also were reversing too fast.  They missed me by millimetres. Quick reflexes saved me, but I most likely gave them the shock of their life.

I’m ok.

So the lesson reverse slowly out of your driveway, because what if I were a kid? They would have never forgiven themselves.

Be vigilant whether you are a runner or a driver.

Have you ever had a near miss while out running?
Have you ever been hit by a car?