Taking a Stack

As the weather was going to be a hot one on the weekend. I rescheduled my long run to a cooler day during the week, then organised a tempo run with a friend for Saturday morning instead.

I’ve been lacking motivation to go fast lately.  I know I’m fully capable of going fast.  Yet when it comes to training runs on my own it just doesn’t happen.

Hence why I asked a faster running friend to join me for a run.

The plan was simple, he run at pace, and I keep up with him.

You see there is nothing like the motivation of a faster runner, or being in a group that makes you go faster.

But this blog post isn’t about going faster, that will be for another time and place. Today I want to talk about taking a stack (aka falling over).

Every runner, no matter how old or experience will in some point in their life time take a stack during a run.

I’ve had a couple of them. My most recent was on my tempo run on the weekend.

Can you believe it, only 250m into my run, my foot slips on some loose gravel and that’s all it take for me to fall over.  It’s like the whole thing happened in slow motion, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

I slightly grazed my hands, but somehow managed to roll over and land on my butt.  All this happening in like a split of a second of course.

During the rebound fall, my knee hit the ground.  And while I was grazed and my knee ached, I wasn’t bleeding or in pain.

A quick once over by myself and Kieran, I dusted myself off and continued on.

I finished my run.  I was sore, and achy but I wasn’t in pain.  No negative split, due to my heart rate sky rocking with a mile to go, I couldn’t get my breathing under control and had to slow my pace.

Overall however I was still happy with my result.

This run however could have gone a lot different. I know that.

I could have decided on any of the following:

  • Give up then and there
  • Keep going and stop the run short if need be
  • Or ignore it

I chose option “keep going and stop the run short if need be”.

Always listen to your body.

While I ached I wasn’t in pain.  Because I wasn’t in pain I continued on.

When I got home, I took a shower, then RICE’d my leg.

This with out a doubt helped my recovery.  Yes my leg was sore the rest of Saturday (I also worked an 8 hour shift, most of that standing up).

Yes I’m bruised, but nothing is broken. Not even my pride.

Falling over doesn’t make me a failure.  If anything it makes me stronger and more determined.

Have you ever fallen over during a training run?
Have you fallen over during an event? If so did you finish?