A Moment You Realised You Could

I did it! *fist pump* 31 days of blogging. Go me!

This week has been a week for beginnings but also endings.

  • I finished the 21dsd program
  • I started a new strength training program
  • The kids went back to school
  • I have finished phase 1 (the pre conditioning phase) or my running plan
  • I have started phase 2 (the getting faster phase) of my running plan
  • I have finished my blogging everyday in January challenge

Satisfaction is what it feels like when you come across that moment when you realised that you could.

Because we all can.  If we want it bad enough we make it happen.

Really it comes down to want, schedule & support.

Those were the 3 things that helped me through this.

I wanted this project to work

If I didn’t want this project to happen, I would have ignored it or put it in the too hard basic.

Making it important to me meant that I couldn’t let my readers down.  I made it public, I had accountability, and I couldn’t let you (who is reading this) down.

Creating a schedule

Making a list of post idea’s and scheduling posts in advanced are just 2 small factors that helped make this project rock.


Having the support of my family and also my readers also helped me make this project happen.

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Have you done a monthly blogging challenge before?
Will you do a monthly blogging challenge for February?