Finding time to workout

We all have 24 hours in a day.  That’s a fact.

So how can some people fit so much in and others can barely fit anything in?

It all comes down to time management, and if it’s important to us or not.

Here are 3 tips that will help you find the time to exercise.

.1. Schedule your workouts

I put in my diary when I’m working out and what I’m what workout I’m doing (whether running, yoga, or weights). I do this because the type of workout I do will depend on how much time I need to put aside for it.

I block in the time, just like a meeting or an appointment. You wouldn’t miss a meeting or an appointment would you? Working out is just as important as any meeting or appointment, which is why I put it in my diary/calendar, and I treat it like I can’t miss it.

Remember finding time to exercise is a priority worth keeping.

.2. Find something that you enjoy

runmum-runclubThis is a given.  If you like something, and you are having fun then you will want to keep doing it.  If you hate it they likelihood of you coming back to it is Buckley’s and none.

I run, because I enjoy it, and I find it fun.

Bike riding on the other hand, yeah no interest.  Yes I own I bike, and go for a few leisurely rides, but the thought of riding 250 km on the road.  Yeah that’s my idea of boring.

.3. Hit Play

If you are a parent with young kids, you may find that you can’t leave the house.

There is nothing wrong with hitting play and working out at home.

There are a ton on home workout video’s and programs that you can do from home, that use little to no equipment.

I started off with Turbofire.  It was fun, and it made me want to workout.  Sure I had to workout early in the morning before the kids rose, but it was worth it.

.Bonus. Play with your kids


Miles loves his boomerang. We will go to the oval, and throw it and then chase each other to get it.

Kayla loves going to the skate park.  Sometimes we run up and down the half pipe.

Hearing them laugh and have fun is just wonderful.

Other times we will go for a bushwalk.  The kids get to explore the tree’s and rocks and just be out in nature.

And the bonus I get to workout and spend quality time with them while they are having fun.

What do you do to make the time to workout?