Product Review: Polar M400

When my garmin fr210 decided to kark it I was not happy. The watch was just under 2 years old.  It was suppose to be able to record up to 1000 activities.  Yeah more like 400.

Since I run, and like to know my stats, I couldn’t go without a gps watch.

The question I asked myself was “Do I want to get another garmin, or should I go down another brand avenue”.

Since this marks my 2nd Garmin in 3 years, I figured it would be a good idea to explore other brands.

My first pitstop would be to visit DC Rainmaker. He reviews every sports gadget out there.  He’s reviews are comprehensive, honest and clear.

Every year he does a best of Gadget Recommendations.

It was his review that had me 95% sold on the Polar M400.

The other 5% that had me sold on this watch was this review by Carmy.

Since my watch died right before Christmas I had to use my old Garmin 405cx which is extremely unreliable (which is why it was replaced with the garmin fr210), until my new baby arrived.

My new watch arrived just after Christmas and I was so excited to test it out.  I decided to opt out on the heart rate monitor, as I can always purchase that at a later date.

Since I’ve had my watch for a month now I figured it would be a good time to do a review.

I have small wrists so the watch looks huge on me.  However it does everything I want it to do plus more.

Some features are as follows:

  • Integrated gps
  • Sports profiles
  • Finish time estimator
  • Daily activity tracker

Just to name a few.

I signed up to Polar Flow, downloaded the program and app, and I was ready to go.

There were a few hiccups starting out but they quickly resolved.

I love the website interface.  It’s clean, responsive, and I found it easy to use.
Polar Flow M400 dataOverall the watch is on par with the Garmin 220, but without the price tag.

I love how I now don’t have to wear my fitbit because it has an inbuilt activity tracker.

I love how it tells me how much further I need to run, walk or stand before I have to reach my daily goal.

I love how easy it’s to switch from running, to cycling or other (aka walking/hiking) mode.

I love how easy creating my own laps are.

I love this watch.  It does what I want and more.

What gps watch are you using at the moment?
What do you love/hate about it?