Wings for Life World Run

Some events can be on your bucketlist for years.

I know I would love to do the Great Ocean Marathon.  Not this year though, next year, we’ll see. It will happen when it happens.

Other times an event comes along that screams at you “YOU MUST DO ME”.

Well that just happened.

I had only just heard of Wings for Life World Run, but the more I learned about it the more I realised that this was an event that I had to do.

To run with other people running at the same time as you, but located in different parts of the world, well that just sounds cool.

Oh but wait, there is no finish line?! Yes that’s right.  Instead you run as far as you can until the chaser car catches you. That could be 5km, 15km, 40km or even 100km!

Yeah I don’t see myself running 100km, but according to the pace calculator I could run 25km before the chaser car gets me.

Do you see now why I had to register for this run?!

So my training plan has now changed, and I have a goal to run 25km on the 3rd May 2015.

Let’s do this!

Will you be participating in the Wings for Life World Run this year?
Have you done this event in the past? If so what was your experience?