About Me: Random Facts

RunMum-31day-buttonIt’s day 6 of my Blog every day in Jan! Can we have a woop!

Random facts should be easy right? So why did I have to think for ages on just 10 random facts?

Anyway here they are.

10 Random Facts About Me

.1. I became a mum at 26.

IRunMum-26years say this because most people don’t believe them when I say I have 2 kids.  Or that I’m 34.

Yes I am 34.  I will be 35 this year (eek!).

Yes I have had many people tell me I don’t look old enough to have kids.  That I in fact look more like 24 than 34.  10 year age difference FOR THE WIN!

.2. I use to play viola, it’s like the violin, but not.

.3. I dislocated/injured my right thumb playing volleyball in high school.  It’s never been the same since.

.4. I don’t like shellfish or fish.  Gag. I makes me ill, and the smell, omg I want to vomit.

.5. I use to make jewellery.

I loved making my own earrings.  I use to sell a lot as well.

I stopped making stuff when I had Kayla, because I saw my supplies as a choking hazard.  I don’t miss it.

.6. I love to sew.

I have my mum to thank for this one.  She use to make all mine and my sisters dresses when we were kids.  When I was old enough to use a sewing machine, I started making my own things.

.7. I’m one of those people that will walk around brushing their teeth.

.8. I get random one hiccups.  Usually happens once a day.

.9. I’m anti social when it comes to parties, I rather not go to one.

.10. I usually always have cold hands and feet.

What’s one random fact about you?