Change: You are not a Tree

Have you ever planted a tree before?

There are so many things to think about before you even plant a tree.

For example:

  • Do you want something quick growing?
  • Do you want something that grows fruit/nuts?
  • Do you want to attract birds?
  • Do you want to attract bees?
  • Do you want an evergreen?
  • Do you want a deciduous?

The list goes on.

You need to think about these things, because once a tree has been planted and has taken root, it’s very difficult (or very costly), to move it.

So why am I telling you about trees?  Because a tree can’t change where it is, but we as humans are adaptable to change.

Why is change important?

Change can be a scary thing.  Fear can stop us from change, but unlike a tree, we have the capability to move or change the situation.

I’m telling you about change, because I have had to make some changes in my life.

This year my youngest child (Miles) started school.  Here in Australia single parents are entitled to parenting assistance.  This parenting assistance however is only available until the child reaches 7 years of age. After this time, the parenting assistance is no longer available and the parent need to look for paid employment or chooses to go without.

Although I still can qualify for the parenting assistance, it has been my decision to look for part time employment.

One of my major reasons for looking for employment is that I want/need to do renovations on my humble abode. Unless I win the lotto or come into an inheritance, I need to be working for a minimum of 6 months before the bank will consider increasing my home loan.

Working does mean changes to routines, and adapting to these changes.
advice from a tree
So I’m going to take that advice from a tree.

Although change can be scary, change can open your life to a whole new world of possibilities.

Have you had to make any major changes recently?
How did you cope with the change?
What part of change do you find difficult to deal with?