Running Bucket List

There are so many runs out there.  Short, Middle, Long & Ultra.

As a runner, I will always enter races.  I do try to keep things local to home or to Melbourne.

However I have a running bucket list.  Why wouldn’t I?

So here are a list of runs (in no particular order) that I would love to eventually run sometime in the future.

Now just because some of these say Marathon, doesn’t actually mean I will run the 42.2km distance.  A lot of these ‘events’ have half distances, so that’s the distance I would go.

In the trail events, I would consider going up to 30km, but nothing over (at this stage).

My Running Bucket List

Runs in my home state – Victoria

1. Great Ocean Road Marathon
2. Baw Baw Trail Festival
3. Solomon Trail Series (in various locations
4. Roller Coaster Run
5. You Yangs Trail Running Festival
6. Run Forest
7. Run from the Hills
8. Run the Rock
9. Hamilton Fun Run
10. Puffing Billy Great Train Race

Runs Interstate

I’d love to run an event in every state and territory.

1. Sydney Running Festival (NSW)
2. Gold Coast Marathon (QLD)
3. Ross Marathon (TAS)
4. Cadbury Marathon (TAS)
5. Great Barrier Reef Running Festival (QLD)
6. Barossa Valley Marathon (SA)
7. Perth Half Marathon (WA)
8. Australia Outback Marathon (NT)
9. Stromolo Running Festival (ACT)


1. New Zealand (Trail events)
2. New York
3. Chicago
4. Paris
5. France (Trail)

What races are on your Running bucket list?