Product Review: THIR

It’s winter here in Australia, and where I live, although it does not snow can get cold, thanks to Antarctic Southerly winds.

Normal headbands do not stay on for me. Doesn’t matter if they have that rubber stuff on the underside, they don’t stay on.  And when I wear them I look stoopid, they just don’t suit me.

Ear warmers on the other hand, those I can do, and those I do not look like a douche bag in. Not only do they keep my ears warm, they keep all those flyaway hairs off my face.  Another added bonus is that it acts as a sweat band, win!

sctm-beach-runmumWell I was in the market for a new headband, and I was looking at another Lorna Jane headband like I’m wearing here.

Then I came across THIR, thanks to them being a sponsor to the Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

With a strong sense of fun and adventure combined with bold design and vivid colour that will not compromise the performance of our adventures. Thir offers Multifunctional Headwear in UV, eco friendly and performance fabrics (Enduracool). The fabrics we use are moisture wicking, light and breathe well – great for marathons, ultras, trail-running, skiing, snowboarding, crossfit, mountain biking, cycling or a serious yoga session . We want to empower you to do your best, and our designs are all about attitude and performance while you challenge the outdoors .

They were also having 20% for SCTM runners, so I figured I will order one and then pick it up on race day (as they gave that option).

I ended up choosing the PiriPiri design.  I wanted something that was neutral, but not boring.

What’s different about Thir’s?  Well they are a multifunction headwear.  You can wear it multiply ways. Headband, ear warmers, balacava, cap, pirate hat (just to name a few), even as a neck warmer or a wristband.

It’s safe to say I love my Thir it’s soft, light, breathable, but also super comfy. It keeps my head & ears warm.

Thir’s live up to their mission statement (see above). They truly are a fantastic product and I can tell that my Thir will become a staple item when I go out running.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.