SAAC Race Recap: Advanced Bricks

This weeks club run was back in Stawell.  It feels like we haven’t run on home turf in like forever.

Cold, rainy, & misty, quite fitting for the shortest day of the year.

I laced up my new running shoes.  I haven’t broken them in yet, and this run was as good as any to break them in.

First up was the Sub Junior event.  It was 1.5km.

I ran with Miles because he’s not as a strong a runner as Kayla is. To be honest I wasn’t sure how he was going to handle the 1.5km distance, but he surprised me by running the entire distance and didn’t stop at all.  What a champion, he’ll be getting a first placing soon.  That’s for sure.

He ran the 1.5km in 11:03, a 7:58m pace (per km). So proud of my little boy.

Kayla ended up coming third, she’s was puffed out by the end of it, but she ran her heart out and enjoyed it.

After the sub juniors had all crossed the line, it was time for the seniors event.  My handicap time for the 6.5km senior event was 10:30.  Again I went in knowing I wasn’t going to win, I just wanted to run and keep a pace I knew I could sustain.


Dave & Ellie who I started off with, were fast, and even if I decided to keep pace with them, I would have burned out.  So I went with a pace I was comfortable in sustaining in.

I achieved that pace. My total time being 32:58, making that a 4:58 per km pace.  Happy with that.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m just happy that I can keep a 5min pace since getting sick.  The endurance and speed will come back with time.

You can see the senior map here, and the sub junior map here.