Product Review: Salomon Women’s XT Wings 10+3 Vest

When I was out mapping the 21km trail event for Run The Gap, I got chaffing on my neck from my hydration pack.

May-Button-ClaireyThe pack I was using was more designed for day hiking than day running.

Although it was good, and it did the job of keeping me hydrated, it was just awkward and frankly ill fitting.

I saw trail running in my future, and I didn’t want to be weighed down with a pack that was going to annoy me for a long run.

So to the land of google I went.  I wasn’t sure I wanted a pack, or a vest.  They both have their advantages, but their disadvantages.

I didn’t want to order something and then hate it.  So like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I waited until I was in Melbourne to do my testing.

I ended up choosing the Salomon Women’s XT Wings Vest.

salomon-hydration-vestThe vest doesn’t come with a bladder (which is one of the reasons it’s so cheap).

Bladders however are cheap to buy, and you can buy them in various sizes. The bladder I had in my pack was a 2L one, but this vest will quite easily fit a 3L bladder.

Weight: 390g
Volume: 13 Litres
Dimensions: 43cm x 18cm x 10cm


  • Whistle
  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Zipped pockets
  • 1 main compartment
  • Bladder compartment with hanging system
  • Fully adjustable

Now you may think “A Vest? How is that comfortable?”.  Well I thought the same thing.  Then I tired it on.  The vest is roomy. It doesn’t cut into your chest or bust, which is a huge plus. And the straps are fully adjustable.

The pack is reflective, which is an added bonus.

It does only come in this colour but I’m ok with that.

If you are looking for a new hydration pack/vest, definitely put this one on your list of items to try.

Again I purchased this one from Wiggle.

Got questions about this vest? Fire away in comments.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Salomon Women’s XT Wings 10+3 Vest

  1. nicole orriëns

    I love honest product reviews! This vest looks a bit like a backpack. It reminds me of Dora. But from what I read in your post it feels comfortable. I wouldn’t have thought it did, from the looks of it.

    • Yeah I didn’t think I was going to like a vest.
      I also tried an ultimate directions one (Scott Jurek brand), and I didn’t feel right.
      Sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone, you never know you might get surprised.

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