A fav image of all time

If you didn’t already know I’m a photographer. So trying to pick an all time favourite image is just plain hard. May-Button-Clairey

There are many photographers that I love, and there are lots of images that I love.

The image above, of me and the kids is one that I love.  It was taken at Beehive Falls back in July 2012.

It’s a favourite of mine because it was taken on Tom & I’s first (family) date. So it holds a lot of great memories.

But there are other images that I love.

I love Max Dupain’s Sunbaker.

I love Olive Cotton’s Teacup.

My photography idol who’s work I love and would love my work to resemble is Barb Uli and her team over at JinkyArt.

However this image has to be one of my all time favourite images.runmum fav imageI love this image.  It represents my kids to a tea.  I love it so much that I have it hanging as a 20×30″ canvas up on my livingroom wall.

This photo I took back in 2010, on my old point and shoot. My beloved DLSR camera at the time was in for repairs.  I was doing a 365 day photography challenge, so I had to resort to my little fujifilm, until my DLSR was back in my hands. We still use the fujifilm, it’s a great little camera, and takes good images.

This image just goes to show, you don’t need a fancy camera to take a fantastic shot.

What’s your fav image?
Do you have a fav photographer?