Getting Spartan Ready

Before I get in to my Spartan Ready post, I’d like to thank Claire for getting me motivated for this challenge.

I want to explore my writing and my blog more, and what better way to do that by doing a blogging challenge.

For 31 days I will blog about my life.  Claire has so kindly created a list of daily blogs posts, which you can find title here. I will include as many of these blog themes as possible, but not all will fit, as I have some regular blog posts that I do each week, so unfortunately I’m going to have to miss out on those or I might incorporate them in the blog post, we’ll see.

Either way, enjoy!

Day 1

The Count Down is now on for Spartan Race!

My Spartan ‘Sprint’ is on the 31st May 2014, and I’m excited.

Don’t know what a Spartan race is read this:

Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy and excited about change.

With 4 race formats, from the 7k Sprint to the 42K Ultra-Beast, you can choose your distance and race against the clock as you climb ropes, throw spears, swim dams, jump fires and scale walls, individually or as part of a team.

Nothing worth having comes easy. You’ll be pushed to your limits,discover new strengths and have a blast on course.

Looking for your next challenge? Welcome to Spartan Race.

#spartan30So what does one do to get ready for a Spartan event?

Well I’m doing a running / Aslyum 2 hybrid.

Aslyum 2 is a beachbody program designed by Shaun T (who has done other beachbody programs like Insanity and Hip Hop Abs).

It’s a pro athlete training program which is designed to get you leaner, faster, and stronger than ever.

Spartan 30 day challengeBut on top of that I’m doing a Spartan30 Challenge.

I’ve chose to do 30 Burpees for 30 days.

Why Burpees? Well it’s a given really, if I fail an obstacle at Spartan then I have to do 30 Burpees before I can move on to my next obstacle.

What I love about Spartan is it’s spirit, like Tough Mudder it’s all about camaraderie, community and believing in yourself.

I look forward to the next 31 days.

Game on!

Have you completed a Spartan Race?
Have you done a Spartan 30 day challenge? If so which one?
Have you every done a 30 day blog challenge? If so how did it go?