Ultimate Coffee Date #1

Just the other day I actually had a coffee date (in a local cafe) with a few friends. It was great. It did however turned into lunch which turned into another coffee, and then it was school pick up.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had a coffee date with friends (family don’t count, even though I love my fam – sorry guys).
So when Jill decided to do a Virtual Coffee Link up I decided I would be in.

Why a coffee date? Well it’s a chance to unwind, and relax with old friends and new.

If you don’t like coffee, go with tea or a hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat. I’m currently loving the Chai latte’s. However today I’m going with Turkish Apple Tea.coffee-runmum

So what would I tell you if we were sitting down for coffee.

I would tell you:

  • That I’m looking forward to my first trail race for the year. It’s a race I have never done before in a place I haven’t been to in over 20 years. Of course I will do a race recap.
  • I’ve just started Asylum Volume 2. I’ve had to watch the trainer dvd a few times, and when it comes to “the audition” i’m un-coordinated it’s laughable (I was laughing at myself), but I’m so loving this workout so far.
  • I’ve also started Nia Shanks Beautiful Badass workout.  It’s 5 foundation moves, and I can tell it’s going to help me intensely.
  • I have been testing out lots of new recipes, and I’m really enjoying cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
  • My order from Wiggle arrived!
    The shoes I had to return (sad face), but just getting them replaced in a different size (there sizing chart was incorrect and thus I got the wrong size).

So that’s what I would tell you.

If we were sitting down for coffee/tea/hot chocolate what would you tell me?