Bellfield Fireline

For my last long run before Tough Mudder I thought I would tackle the 2nd half of the 21km Run The Gap Trail Run. The Bellfield Fireline.

I started at Tunnel Road, Pomonal side, and made my way over the mountain towards Tandara Road.


It was quite an adventure.  About 100m in from taking this photo I stopped to remove a branch that was blocking the track.  It was hanging by bark alone.  I figured it would make for good Tough Mudder training.

The only problem was, once I got it out of the way, I forgot to restart my watch.  I didn’t realise this until about 500 meters later when I looked at my watch expecting to hear for the 1km lap when I got nothing. (Yes I can tell when I’ve run for time and distance.) Oh well it happens, I just kept moving.

Once I got to the other side, I encountered a bush walker.  I nodded hello while he let me pass (I was going downhill) and made my way.

Normally when I’m out running I barely come across anyone.  This time around was not the case.  It’s quite possibly because I was running later than I normally would. Usually when I go out running it’s around 8-9am.  This time around it was more like 11am.

About the halfway point I bumped into a group of bushwalkers who were heading towards Tunnel Rd.  They wanted to know how much further. I told them about 5kms, and to expect 2 big hills around the corner.

It was then the skies opened up and it poured with rain.  I didn’t mind, it was already humid, and I was already hot, so the coolness of the cold rain was a welcomed relief.

I really enjoyed this run, yes the hills were hard, and I did stop and walk for some of the hills, but overall I powered through this run, and I look forward to doing it again.

Enjoy the images I took along the way.

The only disappointing thing was discovering I partly damaged my shoe (insert sad face), but that’s just an excuse to go shoe shopping. I think trail shoes are a must now.

When was the last time you hit the trails?
Do you own trail shoes?
Are you planing on participating in Run The Gap?