Music – The Run Mum Mix

There are runners that love listening to music on each and every run.  Then there are runners who much prefer the silence.  And then there are those who can live with it but sometimes go without it.

Me? I’m the later.  I enjoy runs with music, and sometimes without.  I will admit that I have enjoyed running with no music lately.  I have found I’m more consistent with my breathing and more focused on my actual run.

There are some days however where I just want to get away from the thoughts in my head, and that’s when music steps in.

Music has the power to really motivate you during a training run (or even a race).  Sometimes it just takes one song to help you push that little bit further.

Here is my recent playlist:

runmum mix feb 14When I created this particular playlist I had ‘Shuffle’ in mind.

You see I’ve updated my computer and so all my music got reset to 0 plays.  This has been a blessing in disguise because I’ve rediscovered songs, I’ve totally forgotten about! So when I heard the song, I was like “oh this would be a good running song, and I would just ‘dump’ it into this playlist folder.  Which is why I like playing this particular playlist on shuffle. That way I don’t get bored with the order, and I love the guessing game of “what song is going to be next”.


Do you run with or without music?
Fav song at the moment?
Do you listen to music during your race events? If so why?