Challenge November

There is nothing like a challenge to really push you.

That’s why I’m going to make November a challenge month.

I have really been into all the different challenges over on Tribesports.  They have challenges for pretty much everything, everyone and most importantly your skill level.

It all came about because I decided to take the push-up challenge. 10 push-ups each day for a week.
Totally doable.  Well that challenge is done and dusted now (I started it 26th October and it ended 1st November).  In fact I’m extending that challenge to 30 days (ending 25th November).  This time it’s do pushups until failure (or until my form fails).  So far I’m up to 20 push-ups.  This isn’t sets either, it’s continuous.

This may take me a little bit longer than 30 days, but I’m gong to give it a shot either way.

The other reason I have decided to make November Challenge Month is because last week Steve on Nerd Fitness posted a Handstand Challenge. I thought to myself.  Gez I would like to do a handstand again.  I remember doing them as a kid and loved it, so why not.

My aim is to do a wall handstand for 15 seconds.  Once I perfect that then I will move way from the wall to free-standing handstands.
However I know my skill level and well free-standing handstands are outside of my current skill level. That’s why I’m aiming for wall handstands first.  In time the free-standing will happen.

My method of training is similar to this.
I did attempt the handstand training last week.  I realised however that I need to build up arm strength.  This is another reason why I’m doing the push-up challenge.  That will help me to get stronger, which in turn will help with the handstand training.

Can you do a handstand?
When was the last time you challenged yourself?
What has been one of your goals you’ve achieved this year?