October Running Stats

So another month bites the dust.

October was a pretty lazy month for me running wise.  Last month I said I would like to get at least 3 long runs in (over an hour), yeah that didn’t happen.  That happens when you don’t have any half marathon races as goals to keep you motivated.

Last week I told you that I’m just enjoying the running. So that’s what October has been all about.  Reconnecting with enjoying the run.

I did have 1 race, which was Mosaic to Mountain over in Dunkeld, and I really enjoyed that race too. I went in with no expectations and rocked it.  Last time that happened was the Geelong Half Marathon, which I have just decided I will do again.

Lets get back to stats.  Cause that’s what this post is suppose to be about.

January – 83.7km
February – 89.3km
March – 110.14km
April – 113.41km
May – 79.93km
June – 106.40km
July – 93.64km
August – 87.13km
September – 100.34km
October – 72.30km
Total – 909.29km
To Go – 90.71km
As you can see October was my lowest “mileage” month to date. But I’m ok with that, as I still had some great runs.
oct stats
All up I have 90.71km to go.  That’s 45.35km for November and December. If I run 15 times in a month that works out to be 3km each time.  Err hello 3km, super easy.
I wont say this goal is done and dusted, cause really anything could happen, but I’m on track to smashing it for sure.
How are your Running Goals coming along?
How far did you run in October?
Ever run in costume? If so What made you do it?