September Running Stats

Insert huge sigh *here*. Yes that’s right a sigh, and I think you know why, because every time the new month rolls around I scratch my head and think “where the hell is this year going?”  I’m seriously, it’s flying by in the blink of an eye.

When I first started this goal back at the start of the year I never imagined where running would take me. I’ve had some great runs, and I feel very lucky. One thing for sure I know I have the 1000km in 2013 goal in the bag.  You may say a bit confident, but you know what smashing goals happen when you prepare yourself and you know what to expect.  I now know that for next year I might have to up the anti, but we’ll see.

September brought the end of the 2013 SAAC Running Season 🙁 . I still have to write about the last race, which I will do eventually.

September also brought a much needed holiday, so I got to run in places I have never been before. Which was quite fun.  I also had a misadventure on one of my runs.  Only me could fall into a sinking sand pit.

The road looked solid, but alas it wasn’t. So I got a bit dirty. Oh well, it was a good Tough Mudder training run. One thing for sure, I’m a runner, just dusting myself off and carrying on with  my run.

It also brought a mini goal I had for myself.  That goal was to run 100km in September. Which I achieved. Just.

The Numbers by Month

January – 83.7km
February – 89.3km
March – 110.14km
April – 113.41km
May – 79.93km
June – 106.40km
July – 93.64km
August – 87.13km
September – 100.34km

Total – 836.99km
To Go – 136.01km

When we break that down it is the following:
45.33km a month
10.53km a week
Which really isn’t that much.

I haven’t set a km goal for October, but I would like to get at least 3 long (and by long I mean over 60mins) runs in.

We shall see what October awaits me.