Fit Bit Review

I’ve had my fit bit for a while now, so it’s time that I review it.

What is a FitBit (Flex)

Fitbit is a fitness device that tracks how many steps you take each day.  It will also tell you the distance you cover each day. Not only that but it is smart enough to know how many calories you burn each day.
The Flex & The One models also track your sleep efficiency.
Fitbit is a fun fitness device which really helps you move more, and to stay accountable to your goals.


  • The flex comes with an adjustable band
  • It’s light weight
  • Has a sightly alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Clean user friendly website & mobile app
  • Calorie burn is accurate


  • (Flex) doesn’t tell the time
  • Doesn’t tell you how many steps you have taken (only gives you a goal progression)
  • Doesn’t calculate elevation (The One does however)
  • Only comes in black & slate (in Australia)

Overall Thoughts

The main reason why I purchased the fitbit was because of it’s ability to track how you sleep. That alone had me sold on the product.

I was sleeping pretty ordinary, and I wanted to know why.

fitbitsleepI was amazed at how poorly I was sleeping. Lots of tossing and turning. However a change in diet (Whole30), dramatically changed my sleeping habits, and I found that I had more solid sleeping chunks.

Overall I’m very happy with my fitbit as my pro’s outweigh the cons.

I’m amazed at how little I move each day (in my current lifestyle).  If I didn’t do regular exercise (running) then I wouldn’t make my daily goal of 8km | 5mi. The fitbit really encourages you to move more, and to be more active.

If you are looking to loose weight, and love gadgets then the fitbit is for you.  It’s reasonably priced at $120 (compared to other devices at $200 and upwards), and really easy to use.

For more information or to purchase the product go here.


Disclaimer: I was not asked to purchase or review this product.  All thought and opinions (good or bad) are my own.


1 – From personal experience I have found the calorie burn accurate.  I have worn my heart rate monitor while running and the calorie burn that I’ve gotten from the fitbit compared to the garmin is pretty spot on, with accuracy being only approx 10-20cals out.